Loan Types

Long Term Loans

The Xpress Capital Funding can help fund business related expenses that your company may need quickly. The Business Loan product has a set maturity date when the business must pay off the loan. Business Loans through Xpress Capital Funding are offered anywhere from 4 to 5 years in maturity making them ideal for any small business.

        We make applying for a business loan fast and easy. Our clients receive funds from $5,000 to $500,000 within 48 hours. Unlike dealing with your bank, we will not ask you to provide a long list of documents and offer extended loan terms. Our approvals are based off of your business strength. As long as you have been in business for at least 3 months and have a business bank account that has a relatively stable monthly revenue.

You have the flexibility and freedom to use your small business loan for almost any business related needs including but not limited to :

Assets: Inventory, tools, equipment, vehicles, technology, or no collateral.

Improvements: Research and Development, business expansions, renovations, and general upgrades.

Regular Expenses: payroll, inventory, taxes, liens, accounts payable, and advertisements.


​Receive the money you need in order increase and grow your company's profits. SBA loans are ideal for well established companies. Loan terms range from 2 to 30 years and rates as low as 6%. 

Uses: Expansion, partner buyout, relocation, adding extra equipment, etc.

​ Unsecured Loan Consolidation:

Catered to those new companies who should qualify for a standard Merchant Cash Advance or Unsecured Loans but double dipped with an add on and now are being declined from the A tier lender.  Combine your multiple existing loans in order to have one weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments.

Accounts Receivable/Invoice/Contract Financing:

 Clients who suffer from delayed payments often are in dire need for cash to complete the job, purchase material, and hire help and more. Luckily they have an opportunity to sell the pending arrangement now for discounted lump sum. Our partners will collect the funds from the customer directly. Typically funding 80% of pending A/R, Invoice/Contract.

​Equipment Financing:

Acquire a loan for the full cost of the equipment needed and make monthly payments on long term loan.  Financing terms are up to 1 to 4 years on average and are similar to financing a car. 

Uses: In-house auto repairs, increasing business fleet (trucks, trailers, etc.) adding extra equipment, etc.


Merchant Cash Advances are not loans; they are a cash-flow friendly way to access the capital your business needs. Do your daily sales fluctuate greatly? Allowing a fixed percentage of your card sales to be remitted will help if a down week or month may be an issue to repay a business loan with fixed payment amounts and a maturity date. No personal collateral is needed. We offer bad credit loans to client with credit scores of 400 Fico or better.

MCA's will take a specified dollar amount of your business’ future debit and credit card sales at a discount. Instead of paying a fixed daily payment until a set maturity date like a most business loans, remits a fixed percentage of its daily debit and credit card revenue automatically until the specified amount of purchased receivables is remitted in full to the MCA provider.
        Repayment method is a percentage of your future sales. This is the suggested program for a company that accepts credit cards.


  • You do not need perfect or fair credit to qualify. 
  • And you never have to guarantee a minimum monthly payment!!!
  • 3 months in business
  • No set terms
  • $5,000 minimum monthly credit card sales or $15,000 minimum  monthly bank deposit. Revenue repayment method is a percentage of your future sales. This is the suggested program for a company that accepts credit cards

Unsecured Lines of Credit:

 Bad Credit? No Credit? We can approve you for $500,000 in an unsecured line of credit only using your business monthly revenues. 

Start Up Financing:

  • Startup Businesses with (680+ ) Credit score to pre-qualify
  • 0 – 12 months in business, recently launched businesses,
  • no revenue requirement
  • Existing business owners with low monthly revenue less than $10K


Approved Business Types

 Heating &Air Condition Business
 Animal Groomers
 Appliance Retailer

 Auto Parts and Accessories
 Auto Repair
 Bail Bondsman
 Barber Shop
 Bedding Store
 Bicycle Shop
 Bridal Shop
 Book Store
 Bounty Hunters
 Bus Company

 Cannabis Industries
 Car Dealer
 Car Rental Agency
 Cell Phone Store
 Clothing Stores
 Coffee House
 Computer Sales and Repair

 Construction/ Contractor/ Sub Contractor
 Convenience Store
 Cosmetics Businesses
 Dental Office
 Dental Labs
 Fashion Accessories Stores
 Fitness Center
 Flooring Business
 Fuel Oil and Propane
 Furniture Store
 Gas Station
 Gentleman’s Clubs
 Gift Shop
 Government Contractor
 Gun and Retail / Repair
 Gun Range
 Hair Replacement Center
 Hair Salon
 Tradesman / Handy Man
 Hardware Store
 Home Improvement Center
 Home Based Businesses
 Insurance Agency
 Lawyers (Special Program Available)
 Leather Goods Store
 Limo Business
 Liquor Store
 Luggage Store Medical Office
 Medical Equipment
 Movie Theater
 Night Clubs

 Non- Profits
 Optical Stores
 Paint Store

 Publicly Traded Companies
 Rehabilitation Center
 Shoe Stores
 Sporting Goods
 Tattoo Parlor
 Tanning Salon
 Ticket Brokers
 Tire Store
 Transportation Service

 Travel Agents
 Truck Repair
 Tuxedo Rental
 Used Car Dealer
 Vacation Rental Business
 Web Based Business
 Wellness Center
 Window and Door Installers
 Wine Store / Bar

We Can Find You A Loan To Fit Your Business Needs